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Your customers are waiting. Engage them now

PureCRM is the chat-focused messaging solution for small businesses that enables you to engage your customers with an omnichannel experience.


Modernize your business with chat

Stay connected to your customers on all of their favorite messaging apps.


Chat CRM for any team, from small to enterprise

Chat with customers on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and more! Great for startups or small businesses.


Simplify your customer experience

Pure CRM provides a fast, friendly & inituitive chat experience.

Pick your growth plan

Begin with our Startup plan. Upgrade or change plans anytime

  • 5,000 Telegram messages
  • 5,000 Facebook Messenger messages
  • 5,000 Viber messages
  • 2 Agents
  • 2 Channels
  • Contact Management
  • 60 days archive
  • 10,000 Telegram messages
  • 10,000 Facebook Messenger messages
  • 10,000 Viber messages
  • Free Whatsapp approval
  • 2,000 Whatsapp messages
  • 5 Agents
  • 5 Channels
  • Contact Management
  • 180 days archive
  • 50,000 Telegram messages
  • 50,000 Facebook Messenger messages
  • 50,000 Viber messages
  • Free Whatsapp approval
  • 7,500 Whatsapp messages
  • 10 Agents
  • 10 Channels
  • Contact Management
  • 365 days archive

Supported social messaging channels

WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber and Facebook Messenger, unified in a single CRM. More integrations added all the time.


With a massive reach of 2 billion people across 180 countries, WhatsApp Messenger is the ideal choice for your customer support channel.

PureCRM is an official WhatsApp Independent Software Vendor.


Telegram is a highly secure messenger with over 500 million monthly active users. Enable customer communication over Telegram in just a few minutes.

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Viber is a calling and messaging app where hundreds of millions of people connect on each month.

Enable customer communication with your customers over Viber in just a few minutes.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is the messaging part of Facebook, launched in 2011. It is one of the most popular chat apps boasting a record userbase with more than 1.3 billion Monthly Active Users worldwide.

Every month, businesses exchange more than 20 billion messages with people on Messenger.

How does an All In One Business Messaging CRM help my small business?

When you use a business messaging solution such as PureCRM, you will engage more customers with ease. Connect with your customers on all messaging apps they already access conveniently, be it Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

Why choose PureCRM for WhatsApp Business API Integration?

PureCRM can help modernize your business processes with WhatsApp Business CRM Integration. Not only with CRM WhatsApp Integration but also with Telegram Website Integration. Simplify your customer experience with WhatsApp Integration. Ensure your business is well-connected with your customers by offering additional communication options and connecting with your customers wherever they are.